On the road again, protect your skin my friend

Reapply on your left side face and arm while driving, here's what happens if you don't:

Trucker accumulates skin damage on left side of his face after 28 years on the road

Windows block as little as 50% of UVA rays which cause cancer, wrinkles, & sun damage but UVA rays cause UV damage that is not red or in any way immediately visible to the human eye. 

Windows sometimes block UVB rays so the danger here is that UVA rays are causing harm but you don't get the visual reminder of a visible burn and may think nothing is happening because your eyes are not designed to see UV light damage.

In the U.S. and countries where we drive on the left side of the car, the left side of your body is more likely to develop cancer.

"In one study, almost 75% of melanomas were diagnosed on the left side. In countries where people drive on the right side of the car, skin damage and cancers are actually more common on the right side of the body and face."

"In the U.S., melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers are more common on the left side, since drivers are most directly exposed through a window on their left side, and drivers are more common than passengers."

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